Wednesday, 29 April 2009


At the Eucharist this morning I talked a bit about broken-ness, and the broken, wounded Body of Jesus. It seemed right in the light of the various experiences and discussions of the past month or so. 

Today in my little "Blogworld", that broken-ness is very evident. There is much discussion both in GadgetVicar's Blog, and in Revd Ruth's Blog about the forthcoming General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. Various links and comments are to be found on both sites, although the two Bloggers come to it from different perspectives. The broken body of Jesus right enough!

The bottom line is this.. A very good, faithful and well respected minister is leaving his congregation in Dundee. This congregation is heartbroken that they are losing him. He has been appointed by another congregation in Aberdeen to be their minister. The problem is that the man is gay and has a life-long partner. Does the Aberdeen congregation care? Not a bit! In fact in a poll, over 80% were happy or more than happy with the appointment. Aberdeen Presbytery endorsed the "calling", but now some dissenting voices have dragged this issue into the agenda of the General Assembly. Bit strange this, since the C of S upholds, totally, the right of a congregation to choose their own minister!

A right old stushie has ensued, and we are talking about the possibility of schism in the Church of Scotland, which is presbyterian in nature. Why some outsiders feel the need to stir up dissent I know not! However, it has become almost a personal crusade against this fine man who was chosen to be the minister in Aberdeen!

Does the Church preach a Gospel of inclusiveness? Don't be daft! Is Christ and his love and acceptance of all still being crucified by his Church? Definitely!

And when I go to hell, which I will according to some of these people, as I'm an alcoholic divorcee and remarried to boot, I'll find myself, perhaps, in the company of some incredibly good and Christlike individuals, who know more about the love of God than those who are hell-bent on their persecution!

And still the Body of Christ is broken, wounded, bleeding, crying out for resurrection. As our Liturgy says.. "Lord unite us in this sign."

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Di said...

Well I'll be in there in hell too because this kind of thing makes me despair about the church. If heaven's full of people who make such judgements I'm outta there!