Saturday, 4 April 2009

New Blog. Same Issues

Maybe I've changed my Blog Host, but the same issues will continue. A 1-1 draw today for Partick Thistle Nil keeps us in contention for promotion, but a win would have been better.

Thoughts of Partick Thistle Nil were a bit on the back burner today anyway. I spent much of yesterday evening with my dad, waiting for an ambulance to come. He had fallen earlier in the week and had given himself a really sore face and incredible black eye. Yesterday his headaches because extremely severe and one pupil was massive compared to the other. The doctor was called who sent for an ambulance at 5.30pm.

I was still sitting with a very distressed 83-year-old man, waiting, until at 9.15pm I decided to call 999. He had started to vomit by this point and the headache seemed to be getting worse. At least that worked and the ambulance got him to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley by 9.45pm.

After some morphine, he relaxed enough to enable them to scan his head, as they feared internal bleeding. Eventually they kept him in and we got home around 1am.

Today there is little progress, although they have ruled out internal bleeding, and they're feeding him diazepam to try to keep him calm.

So, not a lot changes to my constant worries, but maybe you can all say a wee prayer for him!


Erp said...

My thoughts are with you and him.

Chris said...

Prayers for you both, Kenny. Like the new look - maybe I should update blethers!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Fr Kenny, I'll gladly say a wee prayer for your dad and for you too.

Fr Kenny said...

Thank you Grandmere Mimi. I'm happy now that my new Blogspace has been graced with your presence!

susan s. said...

Prayers for you both.

MacGafraidh said...

I just changed from Blogger to Wordpress!