Wednesday, 3 March 2010

And Life Belts Will Be Provided

Oh! The woes! Back to the spanking new Community Hall we had built last year. It's a beautiful hall, no doubt about it! Lots of space, well fit for purpose, and being extensively used by community groups as well as the congregation. It's warm, inviting, and even the loo lights go on automatically as you enter to answer calls of nature!

The only problem is that it leaks. No, that is an understatement. The water comes pouring in at several points whenever it rains. We are talking of buckets needing emptied after about three hours, internal ceilings buckling and bits falling off and cracking, and doors being warped by water ingress.

Our local MP had a private party there last week and guests had to either step over buckets or empty them as the party progressed. How embarrassing!

Of course it's the Rector's fault! Whoever, in their right mind would have sanctioned a flat roof in the West of Scotland, not known for its copious amount of sunshine? However, we were assured by everyone, including Richmond Architects, that there would be no problem. Leaking flat roofs were things of the past, and the modern material used would keep us watertight for a lifetime.

DCF Builders subcontracted the roofing work to Polyroof, and another firm Briggs Amasco, I believe, were also involved. There have been leaks since Day One, but now the situation is untenable. In fact, it's taking over the form of a pantomime! The roofers are blaming the builders for not getting the capping right, but as time goes on, it's becoming obvious that this is not the major issue, and it's poor, shoddy workmanship on somebody's part.

This cost us a third of a million pounds for goodness sake!

The joiners were up on the roof yesterday, trying to stop some of the water ingress. Enter Health and Safety who ordered them down because there was no safety rail and they weren't wearing any harnesses. Now, how do we get around this one?

The monstrous regiment of wimmin in St Augustine's, well three of them, have taken up the cudgel! They fought and won a recent little dispute with HBOS, thank you HBOS for the generous cheque, and now plan on taking on the roofing issue. Words like "Trading Standards" are being whispered in corners, and these whirling dervishes are not to be messed with.

I believe we may have a solution soon, even though it may be against the laws of physics, Scottie!


Ali said...

praise God for the army of Dumbarton wimmin you have Kenny - they are a scary lot and i wouldnt want to be on the recieving end of their ire!

peace and prayers - its been a long wet winter for you!

Fr Kenny said...

Aye! We're growing webbed feet, us!