Thursday, 11 March 2010

Lent Group

Some things just warm the cockles of your wee heart in ministry. We had a Parish Day in December which worked on a vision of ministry in the Town Centre using our new hall and we dreamed wonderful dreams.

Now the time has come to turn some of these dreams into reality, and there seems to be a really determined effort to do this. Some congregations can "talk the talk", and others are prepared to "walk the walk". Thankfully, St Auggie's falls into the latter group.

There is a real desire to explore ministry together, and do the stuff that needs to get done. The wee Lent Group this year has been astounding as we talk through our goals and how they are to be achieved. Nobody is hiding, and there's a real feeling about us all being in this together. Our Talents/Time/Resources brainstorming last night produced a formidable list of stuff which we can really begin to work with.

The Bishop Elect has promised a Bishop's visitation in early June. They are meeting tonight to plan an evening he is unlikely to forget! Me? I'm just watching telly and I'll let them get on with it! Now, that's shared ministry!

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