Friday, 19 March 2010

New Machine

Well, folks, hopefully today will see the arrival of the shiny new computer. One that will stop grinding and whirring and clicking in all sorts of warnings of imminent death. The old guy in the study has just refused to die, despite being 6 or seven years old, but it has been sustained by a lot of prayer and bits of Blu-Tack for some time now. The fan isn't great so I had to blow in it from time to time to cool it down. Yet, it's been a great wee machine, and I just hope the new boy, with Windows 7, no less, does the job.

Of course it will take quite some time to load it up with essentials, and obtain compatibility with bits of hardware/software, and I can see myself spending a large chunk of time in the study.... but it'll have to wait until after Holy Week!

Yes, today, we will have a new God, because as someone said recently, "Yer computer and yer IT is only another form of idolatry!"

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