Monday, 15 March 2010

Birthday Blues

The RW celebrates her 60th Birthday on May 5th, and I've spent all day looking for that "special thing" which she will treasure forever! And, no, the big surprise party will not happen. It's impossible to keep secrets in this house. The cat is a clype, and the dogs' confidentiality is always in question.

A wee bunch of flowers from ASDA and me cooking might just do it, unless you have other suggestions?


Tim said...

Flowers from the bottom of the garden, not the evil Walmart empire, surely!
And don't forget a card :)

Fr Kenny said...

Shit! The card! I nearly forgot!

Cats said...

I always knew there was something special about your lovely wife..... and now I know what, she shares her birthday with my Gorgeous Godson! The date is now firmly fixed in my head :-)

Erp said...

IIRC 60 is an especially important age in Chinese culture because one has done a complete cycle of years (5x12). It also means she was born in the year of the Tiger. 庚 寅

So perhaps something tigerish (tiger's eye jewelry, a stuffed Tigger to keep on the bed [or a more sedate version], tiger lily for the garden)

Fr Kenny said...

And a Chinese take-away! Thanks for the idea ERP!