Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Super Weekend

Poor Alma, our guest  HOST student from Bosnia got caught up in a Rectory Palm Sunday weekend, but saw St Auggie's at its best on Sunday morning. We seem to have acquired lots of little ones recently and to see them either waving their palms or asleep in their prams made for a really good wee procession this time around! At the end, Neve, (aged 3),  started picking up palm crosses from everyone and tidying them all away. Probably thought we could use them again, or do we have a future rampant ecologist in our number?

As for Alma, she was overwhelmed by the beauty of Loch Lomondside and the Glaswegian architecture. She's promised to return with her husband. It seems that he must see this too!

In the midst of this I've been fighting off aches and pains and generally being "no' well". Tonight I'm feelin' better and it's just as well. We can't have a sick priest in Holy Week! How would the church cope????

Probably very well, thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better Kenny. This weather doesn't help! Can't you have a word?