Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mothering Sunday

I had bought far too many wee cards for today! We had about a hundred left over after we had given one out to all  our women with their daffodils, and so we did something different today. The cards said, "With love on Mothering Sunday", and we printed wee labels on the back that said, "From St Augustine's Church, High St, Dumbarton.

After the service, the troops were sent out with the extra cards to give to mothers in the pubs and those in the High Street just minding their own business. Gratefully received by all, I have to say, and the troops were back within 10 minutes for their coffee!


susan s. said...

How nice! I'm afraid they would have just been put away for next year or chucked into the trash bin in many places.

anniet said...

Get ready to share that at Synod next year; a wonderful church-without-walls idea!

Fr Kenny said...
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