Thursday, 4 March 2010

Time of Affirmation

As I entered the doctor's surgery this morning, only my monthly visit, her first words were, "Hey! You are looking great. Your face is shining today!" That was nice, because it's how I feel, and I'm glad she noticed!

It may just be a few days sunshine, but it's mostly about things that have happened and have been said to me over the past fortnight which have been incredibly affirming and positive, and have made me feel good about myself, and reawakened the conviction that I DO have talents and abilities after all!

It's so important, this stuff. How often are we negative about people when we hear them being mentioned? How quickly we can respond in a negative way. It's so easy to criticise someone, even to their face, especially to their face! I remember, however, being told that if I didn't have anything good to say about a person I should keep my mouth shut! Wise words indeed.

Instead we should be building each other up, and affirming the gifts, talents and abilities that we all have.

I was told, on another occasion never to start a sentence with "You", because it was almost certainly going to be accusatory. It's not always the case, but often it is! I needed to try to think before I opened my mouth... especially in an argument!

There are people who are responsible for my shiny face! Some of you know who you are! Thank you!

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