Friday, 19 March 2010

Welsh Wales for the Weekend

One of these wee windows opened recently, and I've been given the opportunity to have a weekend off! The RW leaps on the chance to get down to Wales to visit the son and other family, so it's off we go early tomorrow morning. The pets are all packed and ready to go, and to celebrate the fact that I'll be gone this weekend, the Vestry, (PCC), are having a big buffet party in the Rectory this evening. Bring on the chilli, and the Chicken a la RW!

I actually love these wee trips because my sister-in-law, Mary, cooks wonderfully, and Dave, her man, is as football daft as I am. The women gossip, and we watch the footie/rugby/whatever on Sky Sports!

Oh! And it's not England.

Need to take the opportunity to visit the local parish this time!

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