Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Positive Day

After the SA offering me wild bird for breakfast, I guess the day could only get better,and glad to say that the Annual Appraisal was a positive one! It was a bit strange going into the revamped Diocesan Offices. There's a bit of colour and life about the place which felt good, and for once I wasn't there because I was in trouble over something I'd said or done! I guess I'd always associated the place with a "telling off", or a dire warning! I even had one session where someone threw a book at me! I just knew that wasn't going to happen today!

There is a real positive feeling about the Diocese these days, one that's been growing over the past year or so, and one that is being cemented by a very positive and happy Bishop-Elect.

There's a real positive feeling around the parish too, these days, and tonight's Lent Group was positive and stimulating as we look together at future ministry and how we share it!

Even Archie has a smile on his face. The tide was in when he eventually got for his walk, so he got a swim as a wee bonus today! Some days the tide is out, sometimes its in. Life's like that.


susan s. said...

I think that Archie almost always has a smile on his face!

Glad your Annual Appraisal was a positive thing.

How's the roof problem looking?

Ali said...

Glad it went well pal :)

marry said...
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Fr Kenny said...

Susan, we are still leaking, but the builders are working on it this week and promise a solution by Friday! If it works, then they will need to start "making good" the internal damage!

That'll be fun!

Ali - Aye! Now for the meeting with the Bishop Elect this afternoon!

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