Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Unseen

I'm struck, sometimes, and humbled, by the amazing stuff done in parishes where things happen but nobody sees it or recognises it. The quiet visit, the wee phone call, the unseen ministry of care and affection among my people, and I'm sure among yours too, whether you are in a church community or not. 

T scraped all of the moss on my Office roof off yesterday. Nobody can see it from the street. Nobody will know it! T also painted and decorated all the inside of the new rectory, and cleared out the gutters. T doesn't often come to church but what he does, unseen, is often known only to Our Lord. Mother Teresa often spoke of little acts of love, and this is it!

Whether you go to church or not, our society and our world is made a better place by your little acts of love.

I don't care if you are atheist, agnostic or otherwise, your little acts of love are about the bringing in of the Kingdom of God. Seen or unseen.

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