Friday, 5 March 2010

Sneaky Play

The company responsible for the roof leaks in the new hall had agreed to meet us all at 2pm yesterday. Cue, a whole group of powerful folk lining up to give them pelters. Instead, they got up in the middle of the night, drove up from England, were on site at 9am, and were back on the M74 before lunchtime. However, they now know what needs to be done to sort the defect.

Yesterday is was dry and cold. Too cold to do the necessary work. The weather forecast says it will be warmer next week. That will mean rain. You get dry & cold, or warmer & wet in Dumbarton.

I'm despairing! - But aren't these guys cute?


Anonymous said...

When I had a leak in my school roof, the council workmen came, and to find the weak spot,(it was pointed out to them) then poured water on the roof. They then came inside to see where the water was falling, and declared it was now too wet to complete a repair. !!!

Fr Kenny said...

Eek! They are doing the same thing to us on Monday!