Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Ministry Development Review

Heading for a MDR tomorrow, and wondering. This is the first time I've opted in to an annual appraisal of what I'm doing and I'm wondering, about myself, and how I'll feel after tomorrow. Affirmed? Yes. I know this because there is not a negative bone in my appraiser's body. Quieted within my soul? Maybe, because the real "work" is done before the appraisal. It is based on promises you made at ordination.

Talk about how your Rule of Life has developed.

That's just the first question, and the rest are scarier!

It's all about priesthood, and how you have coped, are coping, and how you can cope better. As I say, scary! The Questions are encouraging to look deeply into your heart and soul, and I trivialise them when I simplify them...

Am I a good priest? I try to be.
Could I be better? Yes
What do I need to work on to make things better? I know, but I can be awfully hard on myself!
How do I live with my shortcomings? Ask the RW!
Do you love your people? Yes!
Do they love you? I think so.
Is your parish lively, enquiring, growing, full of fun and laughter, welcoming and totally dead brilliant? Aye!

So, why am I so scared?

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Ali said...

you'll be fine Kenny - you're in good hands!