Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Edrington Ball

Off I went, last night, with the RW, to the Edrington Ball in The Hilton in Glasgow, an annual "hoolie" for the staff of her place of employment! It's a big event, and being a company that bottles such delights as The Macallan, Famous Grouse, Highland Park and Cutty Sark, amongst other things, you can be sure that the drink flows freely, in more ways than one!

It is always a wonderful evening, but it is an education to watch the female species on the run up to the Ball itself. All of a sudden, staff acquire the sort of tan that a fortnight in Greece might boast, nails are manicured and painted and dresses are bought from places other than the Littlewoods catalogue in case someone else has bought the same dress. This would mean that one of them would have to go home early. Very early.

My interest, last year honed in on JG. Now, JG had indulged in an eyebrow treatment which made her eyebrows seem to disappear, by mistake. This blog, with a little help from Photoshop, came to the rescue and provided her with the necessary...

 Last night, JG had solved the eyebrow problem, but had difficulty in another way. The eyebrows were visible, but the sensational party frock threatened to reveal more than was necessary. The poor lass had to wear glasses all evening to cover up, as we show! Can't wait for next year..

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