Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Diary Issues

Yesterday was frantic. My diary had been lost since Saturday, I think, and although I have the sort of memory that can retain all I've promised to do over the forthcoming week, it was becoming crucial that I found it! New dates were being made and I was making notes on the back of cigarette packets. I hunted high and low, yesterday. No place was left untouched and even the RW was anxious about where it had gone. After all, some crucial bank details were tucked away in a small pocket. The RW was so anxious that she telephoned the hotel where I was at Synod on Saturday to see if I had left it there.

What I'm now reporting is the incredible tale of our modern postal system. The RW "found out" that indeed the hotel had found the diary and had posted it out to me. It seems, after further investigation, that while I was out visiting the postman delivered the diary, gaining entry by whatever means. I'm not sure how yet. He was obviously concerned that our dogs would eat the diary, so he put it in a kitchen drawer in our new home out of harms way and let himself out.

It was in that drawer that the RW found my diary last night. Wonderful postal system, as she says. However, you would have thought that the guy might have left a note to let us know where "he" put it!


Morag said...

We will never complain about the postal system again :-)

susan s. said...

Glad the diary was found by one and all! Make "him" a cake, Kenny.

Do you have women postal carriers in Scotland?

And now that you have it back, you will have no excuse to keep cigarette packages around to make notes on. Aren't you glad you didn't give up smoking for Lent? :-)

Fr Kenny said...

Actually, this is just the RW's tall tale! She put it in the kitchen drawer in the first place.